Coffee Grinding: Find Out Which Is The Best Grind For Your Coffee Brewing Method

Coffee grinding helps us get to those wonderful oils trapped inside the coffee beans. The oils are the key to providing rich flavors and aromas. This is also why we say to use the freshest beans. You don’t want beans that are dried or stale. The oils from fresh beans generates the crema at the top of an espresso. This is the coffee bean oils rising to the top of the cup. How does this relate to coffee grinding? Well, choosing the wrong grind type for an espresso machine may have you risking the great flavors we all love how to make coffee.

Burr grinders are recognised as the best choice. While blade grinders are okay, the do not give a consistent grinder. Hand grinders are also good to use. (Note: you get what you pay for, so spend wisely, not necessarily thriftily).

Okay, now which coffee brewing methods work best with which coffee grinding methods.

Extra Fine grinds: Espresso machines.

Fine grinds: Drip Filtration, coffee makers with conical filters, Moka Pots.

Medium grinds: Drip Filtration coffee makers with flat bottom filters (not conical).

Course grinds: French Press (or Plunger), Percolator (if you still use one) and Vacuum Pots.

Who likes Turkish coffee? You probably already know that an ultra-fine grind is the right one for you.

What happens if we get the grind wrong? We will end up with a weak coffee if using a course grind in an espresso machine. Conversely, if we use an extra fine grind in a conical drip filter system, the filter will get clogged up.

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