What Is The Best Video Editing Software For You?

The video market is hot, and a testament to this is the overwhelming number of video editors that claim that they are the Best Video Editing Software available. This can be overwhelming to say the least but don’t worry your already on the right start by looking for help VIDEOMARK.

So to begin there are a number of factors that play a key role in your decision. Cost, Platform, Effects, and usability. We will discuss each of them accordingly and due to the nature of the market I will only discuss products that are completely relevant to you.


The cost of the product really depends on two things. Are looking for a serious package that will provide you with all the tools that the pros use? Or are you looking for something a little more user friendly or even free. If your looking the best of the best I would have to say Adobe Premier Pro. Its the best for your money and will provide you with everything you need to do whatever you want.

If your still serious but don’t need the professional features or cannot afford the Pro package adobe has put out a Adobe Premier Elements. Which is a solid package that anyone can use(my grandpa uses it) and I highly recommend it if your uncertain about the Pro package.

For the bargain hunters out their I’d suggest using Windows Movie Makers. Its a decent package that is easier then pie to use and is free. This is only if your budget is nil and remember you can always save your money and upgrade later.


Basically what platform comes down to is what will you be using the videos for? Luckily Adobe Premier Pro and Elements will work on all main platforms and will output to any video format you want. If your on the free side Windows limits you to the Windows Media Format and a weak AVI.

Also to take into consideration is how will you be using this product am I going to want to burn my finished product into a DVD? Well then your in luck Adobe Premier Pro and Elements allow you to burn directly to DVD that will play in any player.


Special effects key parts of any video editing software and with Adobe Premier Pro and Elements you cannot go wrong. With Windows Movie Maker you have a limited set and thats it. Probably 10 that are boring and will only annoy you and your viewers.


Any product you find thats recent will be usable but if all of Adobe’s Products work so well that you can and will find your self relaxing and having fun using them.

So for my final recommendation; I say if your Advanced and want it all go with Adobe Premier Pro for the beginner on a budget go with Elements and you cannot go wrong. Using Adobe Premier means that you are using the best video editing software available.